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PUBG: Battlegrounds

Nu kommer bots till PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

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Att vara ny i PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds är lika med att vara en dödens lammunge. Vart finns den bästa looten, vart ska man landa och hur helar man sig? Nu erbjuder dock PUBG Corp. en lösning i form av botar som kommer ansluta till konsolversionerna av spelet om du har låg MMR (matchmaking rating). På hemsidan för spelet skriver de:

"We hope that introducing bots will help players get more shooting practice and kills, a higher average survival time, and maybe even that first exciting chicken dinner. Basically, the full battle royale experience. As for our more experienced players, you are less likely to engage bots the higher your MMR is. In addition to that, there will also be the next evolution of competitive PUBG in our new Ranked system due out next month, which will not have any bots.

One last note, this is just the first iteration of bots. In the coming months, we'll be implementing machine-learning techniques to continue monitoring how humans play, so we can apply improvements to make our bots behave more and more realistically. Of course, no amount of machine learning beats direct community feedback, so please let us know your experiences with the bots and how else we can improve."

Låter detta som ett smart sätt att hjälpa nybörjare, tycker du?

PUBG: Battlegrounds

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