Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition släpps i höst och är en kraftigt förbättrad version av kultklassikern som många älskade innerligt när det begav sig. Under E3 passade vi på att ta ett snack men project manager Bert Beeckman om vad spelare kan förvänta sig av den nya versionen, han sade så här:

"The good thing is Age of Empires II is really like... the gameplay is solid, like everybody loves Age, and we didn't really have to touch that formula. All we really had to do was have everything that's in there [and] make it a little bit better, like you have some controls that are clearly from the '90s and you're like 'hey we can do that a little bit smoother', so we smoothened that out a bit."

"Like the whole networking, the multiplayer framework, it almost didn't exist back in the day, and now we all put it straight into the game, so you can hop in, leaderboards are there, everything is there. So it's basically the good old game, but everything is a little bit better."

På tal om själva flerspelarläget passade han även på att tillägga det här:

"Some of the things that we added, if you played a lot of Age of Empires in the past, you might recognise your farms are depleted, and you need to go back to your town and then reseed your farms. Now you can just say 'do it automatically while I'm having fun fighting', so those little small things over the game."

"Also a lot of people like playing against the computer, like beating up the AI. Because there is the massive multiplayer online community, we had a look at their tactics, like how do they play, what is the meta in Age of Empires? And we basically put all those tactics in the game right now, so if you played against the highest level of AI, it now plays as if a pro player was playing [...] if you play it you actually learn how to play the game."

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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

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