Batman: Return to Arkham

Batman: Return to Arkham får PS4 Pro-patch

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Ytterligare ett spel hakar på PS4 Pro-patchtåget. Batman-samlingen Batman: Return to Arkham fick under gårdagen en patch som förbättrar upplevelsen på Sonys kraftmaskin PS4 Pro.

Today we released an update for Batman: Return to Arkham that will add visual upgrades for the PS4 Pro, as well a variety of performance and stability improvements. The PS4 Pro updates will provide increased visual fidelity for those playing the game on a PS4 Pro console.

Other improvements addressed by the update include:
Performance / hitching issues have been improved for a more smooth and consistent framerate.
Intermittent crashing issues have been addressed to provide improved gameplay stability.

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Batman: Return to Arkham

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