Neverwinter får sin nionde expansion till Xbox One i maj

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Free to play-titeln Neverwinter får en större expansion den 3 maj med "Neverwinter: The Maze Engine (Släppt till PC tidigare i år). Expansionen blir den nionde expansionen för spelet, som är konsol-exklusivt till Xbox One och kommer att föra med sig flertalet uppgraderingar. The Maze Engine för bland annat med sig en helt ny spelarkampanj, gameplay-uppdateringar och återupplivar även fyra level dungeons (Med nytt innehåll).

All information samt trailer för expansionen hittar du här.

Neverwinter: The Maze Engine is coming to Xbox One on May 3! Delve into new breathtaking environments with exciting new gameplay mechanics to progress through The Maze Engine campaign. Traverse the Forgotten Realms with familiar faces such as Drizzt Do'Urden, Linu La'neral and Minsc & Boo to unravel the plans of the demon lord, Baphomet, the Horned King.

A second demon lord by the name of Orcus has also stepped into Neverwinter by taking residence in Castle Never. Being the Prince of Undeath, he has reanimated the dead adventurers - and other ghastly beings - to serve him in his quest for Valindra's Dracolich. The gates will open for adventurers to vanquish Orcus in the revamped Castle Never!

The Mount System will also receive a revamp where you may now customize your Mount to your liking! Choose the appearance, passive power, active power and speed from the Mounts you've collected and store them in the brand new stable. Each Mount now have Insignia slots, which grant you additional bonuses and stats. Are you ready to giddy up?

There's much more around every corner in The Maze Engine! Will you escape the maze or be consumed by it?


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