Fable: The Journey

Molyneux förstår Kinect-skepsis

"Men genombrottet är på väg"

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I en intervju med tidningen Xbox World 360 (via CVG) säger Peter molyneux att han har full förståelse för att många spelare är skeptiska mot Kinect. Det tar helt enkelt tid att lära sig en så revolutionerande grej, menar han, och jämför med datormusen.

"You know what? This is exactly like the mid-80s when we got the Amiga and we started playing with a mouse. I can remember everyone writing about how the mouse is the worst thing for gaming and it took a little while for the development community to start exploring and experiment with it. But out of that exploration and experimentation came Wolfenstein and Doom and real-time strategy games. Before that we were all doing stuff with a joystick.", säger Molyneux.

"I think that any invention as big as Kinect just takes a while for us to get our teeth into.", säger Molyneux och fortsätter: "I agree with the scepticism from core gamers because there is no example yet of anything which is as dramatic or as exciting [as a game on a controller] or even an experience that lasts more than 15 minutes."

Men tron på Kinect är benhård och Molyneux avslutar: "When you get past the idiosyncrasies which every control mechanism has, Kinect is a wonderful device to innovate on."

Fable: The Journey
Fable: The Journey utvecklas av Molyneux egen utvecklare Lionhead.

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Fable: The Journey

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