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Reality Pump låter meddela att det nu, sent omsider, finns ett spelbart demo ute av deras The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion-inspirerade rollspel Two Worlds ute att ladda hem från Xbox Live Marketplace. Samtidigt inflikar man också att en rejält gratis uppdatering är på gång till både PC och Xbox 360 med en rad förändringar/justeringar/förbättringar.

Här är hela listan:
Horse steering has been improved

Character development curve not as steep over level 25

HP regeneration slower for max values above 2000

Death strike skill - executable by strike button while in sneak mode

Critical hit skill fixed

Damage is now allowed over 32000

There is a cap on damage and armor at 99999

Necromancer spells have been balanced

Magical boosters - effect restricted to 5 boosters

Stacking potions with different statistics - fixed

Objects stacking - objects can't be stacked up if result has higher level requirements than current player level

Equipment Class cap on 50

When killing in towns - after you leave the town and go back guards will ask you to pay instead of immediately attacking you

NPC's in towns don't resurrect

Tweaked hi-level monster balance

Wing Membrane ingredient added to Helllord

Dragons strike not breakable by player hit

Bomb traps attached to some chests and wardrobes

Balanced number of lock picks in chests and wardrobes

Walking under water and not dying has been fixed

Inaccessible Cave north of Ashos has been fixed

Multiplayer Lag issues have been improved

Multiplayer too many skill points generated due to combat stats has been fixed

Friendly fire disabled in RPG mode (players cannot damage each other)

Resurrect spell on players has been disabled

Experience points for killing players has been removed

Disarming skill disabled against other players

Freezing/stopping spells disabled against other players

Multiplayer RPG quests given to all, reward splitter between players

Team assault - main monuments 50 times stronger

Barbarian - berserk skill in PvP reduced to 5

Chest and wardrobe lock levels improved in multiplayer

PC-unika förändringar:
Issue of moving money between servers has been fixed

Maps D2,E4,F4, Multiplayer Tharbakin - missing triangles or flying objects have been fixed

Enter opens console in single player

Horse steering - stopping horse by back key changed

Cloning character when logging on new WarNet server is fixed

Boosters disappearing in Arena modes

Atmosoheric fog for multiplayer towns added

Chat over open dialogs possible (by F11 chat dialog)

All PVP arenas unlocked from beginning

Xbox 360-unika förändringar:
Improved single player framerate

Interface - repeat changes selection left stick hold added

Game HDD cache cleaning possibility - RB + A + B during game launch

Achievements for 5 elements is fixed

Map interface improvements - only one open quest at the time, quests selection box better visibility, hero location on map better visibility, quest name on tooltip

Hit info fonts larger

"BACK - Show Instruction" text disappears

Double saving multiplayer characters to protect character lost from power-off or hard-locks

Interface - no controls after "server refused connection" is fixed

Doubling gold in multiplayer is fixed

Doubling objects in multiplayer is fixed

Two Worlds
Two Worlds

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