Utah Jazz-spelaren Rudy Gobert investerar i ReKTGlobal

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Esport-organisationen ReKTGlobal har fått en ny investerare i NBA-spelaren Rudy Gobert från laget Utah Jazz. Rudy får i och med detta finfint sällskap av tidigare investerare såsom Nicky Romero, Steve Aoki samt Imagine Dragons. Rudy kommer förutom pengarna även att vara med i diverse livestreams med laget.

Amish Shah, co-founder ReKTGlobal:
"Rudy's a phenomenal fit for ReKTGlobal. A passionate and longtime gamer, Rudy also brings a strong business acumen and fresh ideas to the table. As he's been wanting to invest in esports and get more involved in the gaming industry, we are honored that he selected ReKTGlobal to partner with, and we are excited to have him on board as our first traditional professional sports athlete."</em>

Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz:
"My passion for gaming is well-known among both the Utah Jazz and my team in France. I've wanted to invest in and get more involved in esports for a while, and I'm really excited to make history with the ReKTGlobal family. For years now, I've used gaming to unwind and relax during the season. It's also how I manage to keep up with my friends when I'm on the road. I'm especially looking forward to playing with the new Call of Duty franchise team before they begin competing next year."

Utah Jazz-spelaren Rudy Gobert investerar i ReKTGlobal
Dunkar, trepoängare, Gatorade och TV-spel, Rudys gebit. // Photo: ReKTGlobal

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