Rainbow Six: Siege

PiXeL lämnar Luminositys Rainbow Six: Siege-lag

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Rainbow Six: Siege-spelaren Muteeb 'PiXeL' Chaudary meddelar nu att han lämnat Luminosity Gamings team efter DreamHack Montreal, där de slutade sist i Group A efter förluster mot Team Liquid och BDS. Han säger:

"As everyone is aware by now I am no longer apart of Luminosity's roster anymore due to my performance at my very first LAN at DreamHack Montreal. I will not let my performance and its consequence deter me from getting back into Pro-League and attending another LAN event and play well with a team that is more suited with me both personality wise and mature when it comes to dealing with adversity and assessing what is the proper transition towards success."

PiXeL tackar Luminosity för all hjälp han fått.

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Rainbow Six: Siege
Photo: ESL

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