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Blizzard vill göra Overwatch mer överskådligt för esport-åskådare

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Blizzard arbetar tydligen hårt på att Overwatch som esport ska bli enklare och mer överskådligt att kika på, för alla åskådare som avser att glutta på The Overwatch League som strax drar igång. I en forumpost skriver Nagrom följande:

"I have been watching the pro scene since this game launched. The only real gripe I have had with the spectating is trying to follow which team is blue and which is red. If Blizzard is trying to get casual fans to sit and watch a match that constantly switches what color team they may be rooting for, it will be confusing and frustrating. Maybe just having the home team be red and away blue would be a better experience than the current system."

Game director Jeff Kaplan (Blizzard) svarade direkt:
"We're working on a better team coloring system right now. We've put significant efforts against this issue. We agree, it's a top issue and there are a lot of areas for improvement. Our results and progress has been really good and I have faith the team will deliver something that raises the quality of the experience significantly."


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